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Restorative Training

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FYI Training Dates:

Module 1 – Nov13-15

Module 2 – Dec 11-13

Module 3 – Jan 8-10

Learning Objectives of FYI training: To equip students to teach foundational yoga from  a fitness perspective,  and to teach with confidence to the athletic community through the use of applied anatomy.

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Module 1: Laying the Foundation

($375.00 includes Manual)

The first Module of the FYI certification will literally Lay the Foundation that the students will need to become confident and effective yoga instructors.

Yoga History & Philosophy
The Importance of Personal Practice
Fundamentals of Teaching:  Atmosphere, Safety,  Articulation of Poses (Finding our Teaching Voice), Technique
Level 1 Pose Construction

Module 2: Expanding the Base

($375.00 includes Manual)

The second Module of the FYI certification will build on the base of knowledge and understanding that the student acquires in Module 1.

Elements of a Class
Class Description
Sequencing: Creating a specific experience
Student Teaching – our intention is to keep our training groups small so that all students have adequate time to practice teaching and to develop confidence as they instruct within the scope of:
Foundational Fitness Yoga.

Module 3: Yoga for Athletes

($375.00 includes Manual )

This module is also available as a standalone weekend training for existing yoga instructors.

Applies the practice of yoga to an athlete’s anatomy, the yoga practice is a tool to complement the student’s sports and athletic experience.
A yoga practice designed around the specific issues of an athlete which brings balance and symmetry to their bodies–builds awareness and is an integrated approach to strength, flexibility and focus.
Learn how yoga fits into an athlete’s training program whether competitive or recreational
CEC’s (SPRA & Yoga Alliance) available for currently qualified yoga instructors.

** No prerequisite is required for Module 1; the FYI certificate will be received upon completion of all 3 modules as well as a presentation of a Level 1 fitness yoga class. For your information – the FYI certification has been approved as a fitness yoga designation  by SPRA (Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association) and qualifies for 12 CEC’s. For information on SPRA  fitness certification and CEC’s visit: SPRA

Unlike other exercise programs, restorative poses place minimal metabolic demand on you. We can in fact see the practice as ‘active relaxation.” The postures add to your energy rather than subtract from it, during these periods of deep relaxation, you will be healed and nurtured from within. Qualified yoga instructors will use this certification to complement their current class schedules.

Psoas release yoga is a yoga adaptation of the TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) model developed by Dr. David Berceli  traumaprevention.com for more information.

The Psoas muscle is one of the largest muscles of the body, and it connects from the top of your femur or thighbone to the thoracic spine behind your diaphragm. On a functional level, it is a hip flexor muscle as well as a deep muscle of the core. More importantly it its a sensate muscle, hard-wired into your fight or flight system. Because we find ourselves as a society in chronic stress our Psoas muscle is exhausted and overused.

This class will consist of Yoga Postures designed to stretch and tire the Psoas muscle which enables it to illicit a release response in the way of Neurogenic tremoring that occurs following the Yoga Postures class. This tremoring is a natural response from the body to release deeply held stress and trauma, and the associated stress hormones in order for the body to return to homeostasis where the body can heal, restore and return to normal functioning.

Our class will end with Yoga Nidra:
Is your favorite part of your yoga class savasana? Have you wondered what a longer, deeper period of relaxation would feel like? What might it do for your stress levels and your health in general? Yoga nidra is a deep form of guided meditation that systematically takes you through four brainwave levels on a journey toward yogic sleep.

Yoga Training Certification YACEP CEC SPRANext Trainging Date:

OCTOBER 17, 2020 – 1:00 – 5:00 P.M.

Yoga Nidra Certification

Yoga Nidra
We are more than just our physical bodies. Yoga teaches us that what we do with our physical bodies affects our emotional and spiritual bodies.
Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “union” and Nidra means “dream”. Therefore, in Yoga Nidra the mind of the individual, the body and the intellect are in a complete state of relaxation and may even seem to be sleeping, but in reality, their consciousness is active and functioning at a higher level deep. In a person’s yoga dream he is taught how to get out of the waking state, go beyond the dream state and even go into deep sleep, but nevertheless stay awake. 

What is Yoga Nidra?

  1. • Yogic technique where we learn to relax consciously
    • The mind and awareness disassociated from the senses
    • 5th step or Limb of “The 8 Limbs of Yoga” – Pratyahara – withdrawal of senses from their external objects fosters transcendence beyond the physical body and its senses. Through this practice, an individual is able to withdraw and then detach from their physical senses by directing their attention inward.
    • Sometimes referred to as Yogic Sleep
    • A state between sleep and wakefulness
    • In touch with all 3 levels of consciousness:
    o Consciousness
    o Unconsciousness
    o Sub-consciousness
    • A way of moving carefully through the Koshas – sheaths to help us bring our attention inward,
    to plant a seed for a desired change with a resolve or Sankalpa, intention
    • State of wholeness, integration; original or true self



savasana pose yoga nidra training

Training Requirements

4 YACEP’s will be allocated for completion of the Yoga Nidra training workshop. Additional YACEP CEC’s (non-contact hrs.) will be allotted for the time it takes to complete, keep track of practice time and the time to create your script.
Yoga Nidra Certificate and M-AYST Candidates: Upon completion of the following requirements you will be issued a certificate. You will have 3 months to complete all of the requirements (deadline extensions will be considered upon request). Otherwise, you will have to repeat your training at a future date.

• Practice Yoga Nidra: The only way to truly understand the impact that Yoga Nidra has is to practice it and gather your own empirical evidence. We will provide you with two Yoga Nidra audio recordings, as well as the one provided in Yoga Nidra by Dr. Richard Miller. Practice every few days for a month (no less than 6 times). Document your experience in a 3-5 paragraph summary. This is to be turned in with the Draft Script below.

• Submit a Draft of your Script: Prepare and submit a script of your own using the stages described and the examples provided in your notes (Pages 11-24). Shoot for a 25-35-minute script. We have provided you with sample Scripts to assist you. Submit it to your mentor for feedback with your Practice Summary described above.

• Teach your Yoga Nidra: Teach your Yoga Nidra script to your mentor (live or via Zoom), or make a recording of you teaching it. If you record it, you can submit it via DropBox or provide me with a USB (that I will return to you).


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