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“I completed my Fitness Yoga Instructor (FYI) course with Shirley and Leanne in January 2019. For over a year I second guessed myself in taking this course. They even allowed me to sit in on one of the weekends they had offered in Yorkton in 2018 to see if this was right for me. Finally in November 2018 I decided to just go with it and sign up for their FYI training in Saskatoon. During the training I must admit I was probably one of the more timid students in the class. In fact on the second weekend coming up to Saskatoon, I entertained negative thoughts of “What was I thinking; I’m not a yoga instructor. I can’t teach a class.” Well after three full weekends of FYI training with Shirley and Leanne, through their gentle encouragement, knowledge, and providing us all the tools we needed to instruct, I discovered yes, I can teach a class. I came back to my small community pretty excited, sent out texts offering them a yoga workshop, and before you knew it, I had no problem filling the class. I owe it all to these two ladies who showed me that anything is possible if you trust the process. So if you feel you are being called to take this leap, do not hesitate. You will not be sorry. There are people out there just waiting for you to share your knowledge of yoga practice with them, and Shirley and Leanne certainly can help you out with that!”
Laura Berezny

“I have run an average of 5 miles per day for the past 35 years.   I have had the usual runners’ problems with injuries, pain, and stiffness.   I began practicing Yoga four years ago and since then these problems have become virtually non-existent.   I would highly recommend yoga to any runner, to any athlete, and to anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental health.   I like to tell my friends that “Yoga makes an old man young!”
Don Griffith

“It was no coincidence that I completed the FYI (Fitness Yoga Instructor) teacher training with Breathe Move Be in Esterhazy. In fact, it was all meant to be. First of all, I had previously lived in Esterhazy for 9 years and had actually taught yoga in the community for awhile Secondly, since a few years had gone by, I was wanting to refresh my yoga teacher training skills. All I can say is that it was like going home…Shirley and Leanne were amazing in facilitating a wonderful learning environment. Their strength is in their ability to teach yoga philosophy, anatomy and deconstruction of the poses in a fun and relaxed manner. There was a lot of time spent practicing yoga poses and sequencing classes. They balanced a level of professionalism with ease and interjected humour when appropriate. In fact, another highlight was spending time with everyone in the evening. We shared in wonderful conversation and connection as we hiked, dined and just relaxed. The group dynamic was very supportive and I believe that everyone felt as though we were part of something very special. I would highly recommend this Yoga Teacher Training with Shirley and Leanne. Do not let Fear keep you from experiencing something so wonderful! Take this next step in your life toward sharing your Light with others…Leanne and Shirley are there to guide you on this Life Changing Journey!”
Namaste Michele Hamilton Grateful Yoga Teacher

“I attended the Yoga for Runners workshop in 2014 and I was beyond satisfied with the experience.  As someone who could never ‘make the time’ to add yoga into my training schedule of running/cycling/weight lifting I needed that focused push to learn both proper technique and breathing and have the consistency of weekly yoga classes to develop a habit.  Shirley and Leanne did a wonderful job to create a positive learning environment for me to realize (much to my surprise) how much I was enjoying the class.  Shortly after starting the class I started to notice how some of my chronic nagging spots were disappearing.  I am the person who is always getting injured and since introducing yoga on a consistent basis I’m seeing injury levels reduce and when I do get hurt the recovery time is halved.  It’s made a huge difference in my running as I return to running after a short break and I’m very grateful.  I’m hooked on the benefits and I have these lovely ladies to thank!”
Staci Nahirney


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