Esterhazy Yoga/Fitness


Learn to – Beginner Fitness Yoga is suitable for those interested in learning the foundation of yoga postures & relaxation from a fitness perspective, no previous experience necessary.

Gentle Yoga – Take a break mid day and join us for a 40 min. class gentle enough for all levels of yoga students.

Power Yoga – A Power Flow class links breathe with movement helping to even out bodily imbalances achieve strength, balance, flexibility, mobility & cleanse the body. Some previous yoga experience is helpful.

Intermediate Fitness Yoga – An athletic class with a focus on the next level of postures.  Attention to micro movements and technique will be the intention of the session.

All Levels Yoga class – A yoga class for everyone!  Find your own place, listen to YOUR body.  Learning to work at the level you find yourself at class to class! “The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, and in time trusted.” – Martha Graham

Group Cycle – Need to add some cardio into your day?  A quick 40 min. class over the lunch hour enjoy great music with this in-door cycle class!

Silver in Motion – Looking for a group of peer to share a fitness class with?  This 50 plus class is designed with you in mind, a strength based class that offers challenge as well as modifications.  The best part is the coffee and conversation that follows!